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I’m a big fan of blogging. I peruse through quite a number of blogs every week, some familiar, some new.

I like to think of myself as inquisitive and open-minded. I am forever eager to learn new things or understand things better, read about innovative ideas and concepts, acquire new skills and perfect existing ones. I am interested in the opinion of others on all subject matters (well almost all subject matters), interested their stories and their anecdotes. And blogs provide an extraordinary arena for individuals and institutions of all kinds to share their invaluable knowledge, experiences and impressions.

Oddly enough, or maybe not so oddly, I have never been successful at keeping a blog of my own. That is correct… I have tried blogging in the past; twice, to be precise.

I have never wanted to maintain a blog for the sake of maintaining one, or maintain a blog simply to go with the mainstream. I have never wanted to use this medium (or any public medium for that matter) to expose my life to the masses either. Besides, the grind of my daily life is far too mundane and uninteresting; I should not want to bore a potential follower to death.

A good blog should have a focus, a purpose. It should also have a distinctive voice in order to attract an audience, big or small. In my past attempts at blogging I could not find my voice. The reasons being:

  • the general lack of focus/purpose for the blog;
  • feelings of insecurity with respect to my own narrative abilities;
  • the incessant fear of offending a someone, of not being tactful enough;
  • the overwhelming sense of obligation to maintain the blog on a daily basis.

So what makes me think I will succeed this time? Actually… nothing. However, I do feel more confident this time around as I’ve found a focus for this blog:

  • I love to read and will share here my impressions on my latest readings;
  • I love music and will share here my latest discoveries;
  • I love to knit and quilt, and will share here my completed projects;
  • finally, I will share here those things that have caught my interest in a significant way.

As for the voice, let’s see if I can develop it from here.

On this note I say… let the blogging begin!


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