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A little ‘canadiana’

For his birthday, my son asked for one of two CDs:

Unfortunately, he had to settle for a gift card as our local music store did not have either of them in stock. But his request was enough to pique my curiosity.

Nickelback (hard rock band) are not at all unfamiliar to me, but this CD is. In fact, I didn’t realize until yesterday they had released a new CD after All the Right Reasons which includes hits like Photograph and If Everyone Cared. Admittedly, they are not genial and their lyrics, for the most part, fairly shallow and without a doubt intended for a male audience.  Still, I enjoy their sound and the distinctive voice of their lead singer Chad Kroeger. Nickelback knows how to produce decent commercial hits and this latest CD neither falls short or exceeds expectations.

Three Days Grace (alternative metal band), on the other hand, are totally new to me. And after having listened to a number of tracks, I understand why the band has never caught my attention before. Although they have quite a few catchy tunes like Break, their songs left me with a feeling of “been there, done that, I’m over this shit”.  The songs seem to have mainly been written for teenagers who like to wallow in self-pity and… well… I’m just too old for that. This being said, I do find they have good potential. Maybe when they’ve done some growing up of their own I’ll give them another listen.

This week, I’ll review my two favorite finds of 2009. Here’s a sneak peek: Koop Island Blues.


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